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iSay is free to all, it is not an arena for free-for-alls. It is a unique local community conversation portal where businesses, professional service providers, enterprises, community organisations, focus groups, government entities and private individuals, big and small, the wealthy and disenfranchised, the young and old can have their say by posting comments, appeals, reviews and advertorials. It is also where like minded members of our community can start and participate in discussion groups, share information and insight, respond and reply to posts with comments, suggestions and critique.


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Got something to sell?  Post a Notice for 14 Days

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Want something special? Notices remain current for 14 Days

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Got something to give away?  Post a Notice for 7 Days

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Boats, Power Boats, Sailing Boats, Marine Motors, Outboard Motors, Boat Trailers, Dingys, House Boats, Inflatables, Air Boats, Hover Craft, Submarines, Boating Accessories,

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Got a Car, Truck, Trailer, Campervan, Motor Home  or Caravan to sell or

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PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones, Spare Parts and Servicing.

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To let us know what you need in the way of pages, click here. Otherwise, be a tractor, a cow with calf, or spoiled hay, or parts for a quad you want to sell or buy ….

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Garage Sale!    Post a Notice for 7 Days.

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Something you want to buy, but you have to buy too many or too much – share the load with others and still get the volume discount.

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Grass Markets, Boot Sales, Country Markets, Street Stalls?  Post a Notice for 30 Days.

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Some agents are better (and worse) than others. Buying, selling or renting, permanent, short-term or holiday.  Got some ADVICE, had an experience that you would like to share? Are you an agent and have a message, proposal or property to offer?

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Got some tools you don’t use and would like to lend, with or without your expertise.  Put your notice here.   iSay is not responsible for any lose or damage, if you want to do it, sort it out with the end user (including fee, security deposit, time etc.), this only a forum to advertise what you have to offer, we accept no liability whatsoever

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